Question: What is the high-frequency rating for this product? (measured in Hertz)?

We have designed these tools at the optimal frequency and design to treat the skin effectively, safely, and painlessly. These have been tested and proven very effective, safe, and simple to use. Our devices are designed at a frequency of 50-60 Hz, a voltage of 110v/220v, and a high frequency vibration of 220 million/sec. Our high-frequency device has a gage dial on the front of the device which allows you to control the strength of the device to your comfort and we always recommend low-mid range as ideal. 

Question: How long does it take to see results?

Results vary depending on the severity of the acne, and how their skin responds to it. We suggest at least 2 weeks of consistent use (5 - 15 minutes/3 times per week) to see a noticeable difference. Sometimes your skin needs a little more time adjusting to the treatment.

Question: Do you need to replace or fill the gas?

You do not need to replace the gas. The neon gas is generated by plugging the device in. The only thing that would need a replacement is if one of the electrodes broke.

Question: Is it safe to use when pregnant?

This device is not recommended for use if you are pregnant, have a pace maker, or heart condition.

Question: Can it be used on your back as well or only the face? Is it also safe to use on, or near tattoos?

This can be used on your whole body. We still recommended only 2 to 3 minutes on one area and a max of 20 minutes for total use. Although this does not pose a risk to the skin, we suggest to avoid using it directly on tattoos.

Question: Can you micro-needle and use high frequency on the same day? If so which should you do first?

Yes! The high-frequency device can be used as a spot treatment. You can use this before or after micro-needling.

Question: Will this product cause discoloration for dark skin?

This device is safe for all skin types and complexions and will not cause discoloration for dark skin. Please be sure to cleanse before use and do not apply a peel before using.

Question: Does the ozone emitted by the high-frequency wands pose a risk to cancer?

There is no risk posed using the high-frequency device. It is simply emitting argon gas that generates oxygen to the skin. This oxygen travels into the skin to kill acne-causing bacteria within blemishes while reducing inflammation and redness.

Question: Can this product be used on men with full breads?

Yes, of course! The high-frequency device will still emit oxygen to the skin even on men with beards.

Question: Is it safe to use the device if I have acne on my chest? Also wondering if it is unsafe to use something with electricity near my chest/heart?

Unless you have a pacemaker, it is safe to use. We do not recommended use for anyone with a pacemaker. This is safe to use on the other areas of your body. This device releases oxygen to the skin, killing acne causing bacteria. This could be used for ingrown hairs around the bikini line, back acne, or on the chest and neck.

Question: Is it safe to use after getting laser treatment on the face? 

We suggest to wait until your face has fully healed before using, but you may use the high-frequency device after receiving laser treatment.


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